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For World Oceans Day, Let's Make the World a Better Place

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By Advertising Week

Have you ever thrown a plastic bottle into a gutter? Most of us have. Have you ever stopped to wonder where that bottle eventually ends up and what its impact on the environment ultimately is? Author Joel Harper has, and that concern for the environment inspired him to write his children’s book “All the Way to the Ocean” – an enlightening tale of two young friends, Isaac and James, discovering the lessons of cause and effect after James discards a plastic bottle into a storm drain.

Now this uplifting book has been transformed into a wonderful animated film directed by Advertising Weeks’ own Doug Rowell and featuring the talents of dedicated activists, award-winning musicians, and acclaimed actors including Amy Smart, Ben Harper, Burning Spear, Jack Johnson, Joel Harper, Marcia Cross, and Xavier Rudd.

Shortly after publishing the book, Harper realized that he wanted to amplify its message and reach a larger audience and began to seek out other media platforms that could tell Isaac and James’ story. It was then that he met Doug Rowell, and the two began brainstorming ways to make an animated film of All the Way to the Ocean a reality – as well as involve others that shared their concern for the environment.

Together, the commitment and chemistry of this passionate group has made all the difference in the quality of the animated film and compassion and call to action it elicits.

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