Force Your Way In And To The Top - Donald Trump Style Of Politics

They said it was democracy live as it happens, in the making. Call it what you want but what I witnessed on day 1 at the RNC 2016 was nothing short of typical Trump-like tactics: bullying, arm-twisting, possible threats and all sorts of intimidation to prevent a vote of the rules so that in 2020 Trump, or someone like Trump, couldn't clinch the GOP nomination.

As the RNC, at this stage all too apparent to see, anoints its candidate for the White House Presidential election, there's no getting away from the fact that Donald Trump is not only disliked by his own party but also, Democrats and millions of others who are undecided on how to vote and of course, the 'Establishment'. Let's not forget that Donald Trump was once part of the Establishment and was happily singing their tune just so long as they did his bidding. If anything Trump is more Establishment than Hilary Clinton. Not only because he is a lobbyist extraordinaire, not because he has propped up those who support and have supported his ideals over the many years, not because the politicians and other power elites have allowed him to close property deals BUT, because he thought winning the GOP nomination was a done deal. When he saw that those he backed politically and financially over the many years were now unprepared to support his candidacy, he suddenly decides to become anti-establishment and paints himself as the 'man of the people'. He is anything but 'a man of the people'. A man of the people who is worth $8 billion. A man of the people with has numerous luxury homes around the world. A man of the people who refuses to come clean on his taxes. A man of the people who peddles so much hatred and xenophobia against his own fellow Americans simply because they don't share his views or political convictions. This is NO MAN OF THE PEOPLE. He is and has always been about one thing - DONALD TRUMP. His ego is immeasurable proven by the fact that he relishes in his own limelight and God-like persona on TV.

As a Brit and having recently witnessed the shameful exit of United Kingdom from Europe, I'm drawing frightening similarities between the former Mayor of London (Boris Johnson) and Donald Trump. Mr Johnson lied to the British people and told them half-truths and used the same scare tactics Trump has been using in his Presidential campaign namely, immigration, jobs, xenophobia, giving power back to the people from centralised government, how isolationism as a doctrine would work better and, how both have divided their respective nations creating a clear demarcation not only between the haves and the have-nots but, pitted friend against friend. The end result has pitted Britains against Britains and resurrected a nationalist sentiment among Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who now want to become independent of England and hence break up the Union and put at stake the stability of the constitutional monarchy. In a bizarre twist, Boris Johnson physically looks very similar to Trump. In Britain, just like here in the U.S. it was the working class who voted in favour of exiting the European Union. Fear and ignorance reign supreme.

Americans need to be extremely cautious of Trump and his rhetoric. His speeches and so-called political ideology, and I truly believe Trump has no political conviction one needs to hold high office has, shocking similarities to Adolf Hitler and his sense of nationalism. A sense of nationalism Trump is now advocating among the American people by singling out minorities and making them social, moral, religious and economic scapegoats. Trump's contention is to make America great again. Trump wants America first. America is prepared to alienate ethnic minorities (LGBQT community, Muslims, and Mexicans). Trump wants to abolish laws like same-sex marriage and prevent Muslims from entering the country regardless of whether or not they're terrorists. His pick for VP (Mike Pence) is very much against same-sex marriage and ultra conservative. Trump's solution to immigration from Mexico is not to build relationships or understand the problem but to build walls, barriers and expel those who he refuses to recognize as part of the economic fabric of this great nation. Trump wants to give greater freedom to gun owners and loosen the rules on gun control once again 'scaring people into thinking the federal government is threatening to take away their liberty'. Trump deliberately provokes and rallies his supporters into invoking violence for the courtesy of the media so as to detract from his falsehoods or lack of ideas and policy.

My fear for a Trump Presidency, and to many this will sound crazy and inconceivable but I'm sorry, but just how crazy is it for a reality TV star with no political experience to come so far in the bid to become the 45th President of the united States. In all the time I've been covering the news I have never, to my knowledge come across a more controversial, more disliked, more ill-informed, more abusive, sexist, xenophobic and all round disagreeable individual who is also disliked on the world stage. Three things that I believe will happen as part of Trumps Presidency:

1. He will increase the police presence at mosques up and down the country. He will also ask Muslims to compulsory register themselves at various police stations. You'll see lines of Muslims outside police stations waiting to get an ID, number or tag. Scenes chillingly similar to Nazi Germany and the Jews.

2. He will act first and ask questions later and have total disregard for the rule of law. An example of this is to deport those immigrants who have not become naturalised citizens under the Obama Administration then, ask questions later.

3. Civil war - crazy and for the most powerful democracy in the world, unthinkable. This is likely if Trump gets elected or doesn't get elected. We need only see the way Trump supporters behave at his rallies to see the kind of leader he is who incites his own crowd to violence or be deliberately disruptive. The fear of federal government taking guns away from the people and thereby infringing on their civil liberties will be enough to provoke violence and disruption with protests on the streets and violent demonstrations.

As Adolf Hitler once said, "make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." Donald Trump says that Hilary Clinton is a crook. He keeps repeating it hoping that she will either just pack up and give in or, people will connect her name to 'crook' and 'liar'. Word association, especially for the majority of Trump supporters is very dangerous. According to recent surveys, most of Donald Trumps supporters DO NOT possess college degrees. It's astounding how people who chose to remain ignorant, are unable to comprehend, analyze, evaluate, think for themselves or even be intelligent enough to want to learn all the facts... be allowed to vote for the most powerful person in the world, simply astounding. But I have some breaking news for Mr. Trump. The Department of Justice and the Attorney General, as well as the FBI, concluded that there was no case to answer for. Now, that being established Mr. Trump of course is far more qualified to make legal decisions and far more qualified than those in the Justice Department and the AG's office. Sour grapes, Mr. Trump, sour bloody grapes. Grow up, accept the facts and move on. This isn't about crying after the horse has bolted or trying to get the voters to be as nasty and vindictive as you. It is though, an example of the sort of wannabe leader you are.

On the flip side, your political speechwriter tendered his resignation and yet you refused to accept it. Your words and not mine or the media 'people make mistakes and that we learn and grow from these experiences'. So of course you wouldn't apply the same logic to Hilary Clinton would you Mr. trump, no! But actually, if you make public mistakes like this as the First Lady then the consequences could be huge. Don't forget that your wife's comments would have more force and impact were she to become the First lady. Also, if she continues down this route making mistakes then she will become a laughing stock and embarrass the office of the Presidency not to mention ridicule the position of the First Lady. Like you, she is a loose cannon and just cannot be trusted in the role as you too have no experience and dealings with important and influential people domestically or on the world stage. And before you retort back, this isn't a Trump fundraiser or some plush banquet. You'll be seen on the world stage and you simply cannot make mistakes like this.

People also seem to forget that Donald Trump is now on his third wife. He reportedly had an affair which brought about the demise of his first marriage to Ivana and his second wife was informed that Donald was divorcing her via, The New York Post which he put in front of her door. The point here is that Donald Trump is deceitful, calculating, cannot be trusted and quite frankly, has failed at relationships and partnerships which are supposed to be binding and lasting. It's a love affair he is now seeking to get involved in with the American people. But his track record shows his vanity is bigger than the consequences of his actions without a care for those actions or, those around him.

In conclusion, Mr. Trump you are hoodwinking the people of this great nation. You have no qualms in making speeches and promises but in fact there's no precedent on what you've done or achieved for anyone but yourself. It's always about YOU and will always be about YOU. You're in it just for yourself and your place in history. Not content in being one of the wealthiest men in America or a property magnate, you are pinning the hopes of millions of people in this country on your ability to deliver. What have you done for his country that has had a positive impact other than on you or your business? I for one don't want to find out come November as I already know the answer and how this will play out!!