Pottery Barn Sells Millennium Falcon 'Star Wars' Bed, Nails #ForceFriday

Chewbacca would be proud.

Today, Pottery Barn Kids revealed an incredible "Star Wars" bed that looks impeccably similar to the legendary Millennium Falcon ship from the film series.

Yes, the twin-size bed is technically for kids. No, you do not have to be a kid to sleep in it.

The bed's interior features a realistic control panel and other "straight-from-the-set details" like knobs, gauges and a metallic plate with a "Star Wars" logo. The bed retails for $3,999 on the Pottery Barn Kids website.

It's part of a lineup of #ForceFriday products debuting for sale today, Sept. 4, in anticipation of December's new "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" movie. You can deck out the rest of your bedroom with other #ForceFriday products like Stormtrooper Nerf guns, command ship LEGO sets and remote-controlled X-Wing starfighter drones.

May the force be with you ... and your wallet.

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