This Tear-Jerking Ford Ad Makes A Really Important Point About Family

And it hits close to home if you grew up with divorced parents.
This is not your average car commercial. 
This is not your average car commercial. 

Growing up with divorced parents is more and more common these days -- but that doesn't make the experience any easier for families going through a separation.

In a new, beautifully crafted short film released by Ford Denmark, we get an up-close view of just how difficult divorce can be not just for kids, but for their parents, too.

In the first clip, we're introduced to a family: mom, dad, their teenage daughter and their young son. Everything seems fine until the boy stages a mini protest in the mom's Ford sedan, refusing to get out of the car until his parents reconsider the divorce. (Yes, it's as heartbreaking as it sounds.)

When we next see the family, the father is picking up the kids from school and struggling to have a heart-to-heart conversation with them after a week of being apart.

In part three, the parents come together to handle a family crisis, reminding their kids that while things may be different, they're still a family.

Director Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen told HuffPost that he and screenwriter Ingeborg Topsøe were intrigued by the idea of using the family car as jumping-off point for their story.

"The car is is such a weird tool and setting when a couple is divorcing; it's both a place of happiness and a place of friction for a family," the director said. (Getting to tell an "honest story about divorce" with Ford's backing was also a perk.)

Regardless of what the film is selling, it's a beautiful reminder that nothing -- not even divorce -- can break a family.

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