Ford Made A Crib That Mimics Those Sleep-Inducing Car Rides

This could be a game changer.

Parents who have ever taken a midnight drive around the neighborhood in a desperate attempt to help their baby fall asleep are going to want to hear about this new crib.

Ford Motor Company has introduced a crib called MAX Motor Dreams. A video posted on the Ford España YouTube channel shows footage of a baby asleep in the crib, which simulates the motion of car rides that lull many babies to sleep and mimics the soft hum of the engine and appearance of street lights in the distance. Using an app, parents can track the movements and sounds of their own car so they can replicate them with the crib.

Watch the video from Ford about MAX Motor Dreams below.

In a press release, Ford explained that the crib is “a one-off pilot,” but after hearing so much feedback about it, the company is considering mass-producing it.

The motivation behind the creation of the crib, which was made for a Ford of Spain campaign, is the company’s concern that many parents who try to help their kids fall asleep late at night with a short drive may be too tired to be behind the wheel.

Alejandro López Bravo, the crib designer who is part of the creative studio Espada y Santa Cruz in Spain, hopes the invention, if ever produced and sold, “could make the everyday lives of a lot of people a little bit better.”

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