5 Steps To Cure A Style Rut Forever

5 Steps To Cure A Style Rut Forever
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Condition: Style Rut

Signs and symptoms of a style rut may include:

- Going to your closet to get dressed and thinking "I have nothing to wear"
- Looking into the mirror and not feeling excited or joyful
- Wearing the same look for years on end
- Others may comment that you look outdated, dull or older
- Wishing your look was more vibrant and aligned with your core self

If you are displaying some or all of the above signs and symptoms, there is no need to panic or feel overwhelmed. A style rut is quite common and is easily cured by following these 5 easy and efficient steps.

1. Visit a color analysis professional in your area.
A color analysis consultation will guide you on what colors work best for you to wear in your clothing, hair, makeup and accessories. Wearing your most optimal colors results in you looking healthy, vibrant and younger.

Your color palette is based on your internal composition. Once you know your color season and flow of season, it will not change. This is the color palette that will serve you for life.

2. Assess your style needs.
Research and analyze your style requirements.

Some areas you may investigate include:

- How to dress to maximize your height and body silhouette
- How to align your accessory, shoe and pattern choices to your bone structure
- How to dress and accessorize for your somatype
- What necklines and hair styles are in harmony with your facial shape
- How to bring out your personality in your appearance choices while maximizing your lifestyle needs
- How you want to dress to align with current style trends

I recommend creating notes on all of the above so you can reference them in the remaining steps.

3. Clear out your closet.
Now you know what your color and style requirements are -- it's time to go through your closet and clear out items that are not aligned to these requirements.

Be honest with yourself as you review each item.

4. Time to go shopping!
No doubt step #3 above created some gaps in your wardrobe. It's now time to go shopping to fill in those gaps.

When you are shopping be sure to only choose items that are suited to your coloring and maximize your style needs. This will ensure your closet only contains items that you love and will love for years to come.

5. Pulling it all together - hair, makeup and accessories.
This step will pull the 'new you' all together and involves the following activities:

- Visit a hair professional in your area to have your hair color and style updated to align with your color and style requirements. Find out and keep up with the maintenance schedule they recommend.

- Visit a makeup professional in your area who will teach you how to apply your makeup and recommend products to buy that align with your color and style requirements.

- Shop for accessories that align with what's in your wardrobe along with your color and style needs. Includes -- shoes, glasses, jewellery, purses, belts, hats etc.

Now you have it, the 5 easy and efficient steps to cure a style rut.

If you feel like you need advice or support while completing any or all of the above steps, you could ask a close style-savvy friend or family member. Choose someone who naturally has high level and superb taste, knows you extremely well, and sees your best you when she/he looks at you OR you could seek out an image consultant who is trained in these areas.

I recommend reviewing your style requirements, wardrobe and your overall look at minimum 2 times per year to ensure your style rut does not have a relapse.

I hope this blog post inspires you to wear your authenticity!

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