#ForeverDuncan Is The Black Love Story We Need To See Right Now

This surprise proposal and wedding is one of the most beautiful hashtags on the internet.

Alfred and Sherrell Duncan redefined relationship goals on Saturday when their wedding hashtag #ForeverDuncan flooded Instagram timelines and pulled heartstrings everywhere. 

Alfred gave his girlfriend the surprise of her life when he pulled off a proposal and wedding, including her family and friends, all without her knowledge and within a five-hour span, as seen in the video above.

Sherrell, who had been dating the groom since 2013, agreed on a competitive date day in which she would do everything Alfred requested of her. He took Sherrell’s phone so she wasn’t privy to his plans and documented their entire day on both of their social media accounts.

At noon, Alfred took his soon-to-be fiancé to a restaurant and asked her how she felt. “Anxious,” she replied in an Instagram video. Alfred briefly left Sherrell to go to a back room where her family and friends were hiding. He told Sherrell’s daughter to go get her mom and lead her to the room where he popped the question in front of everyone.

Alfred said with tears in his eyes, “Will you please be my wife?

Sherrell tearfully replied, “Yes.”

The events that followed seemed like they were pulled straight from the pages of a fairy tale. She was whisked away to a hotel where she was greeted by her best friends, a wardrobe stylist, a hair stylist and make-up artists. 

The stylist told Sherrell that she needed a “fit model” to try out a black, lace two-piece. Unbeknownst to Sherrell, this would be her wedding dress. She was then blindfolded and driven to the National Harbor in Maryland.

Once she arrived, her family members removed her blindfold and “I’ll Be Loving You Always” started to play in the background. It was the start of her wedding and all of her loved ones were there in attendance. She started balling tears of joy, again.

“I’m so happy that you chose to do this with me,” she said when she finally made it to her groom. “I love you with my whole heart, baby. I can’t imagine what life would be without you. I love you so much.”

Sherrell posted a video on Instagram saying that she’s been waiting for Alfred, with whom she had been practicing abstinence since January, to pop the question and that he did it right.

“He knows my heart, he knows I didn’t want to plan a wedding,” the newlywed told Good Morning Washington on Monday. “I just wanted to go to the justice of peace and for him to be my husband.”

Now, wearing their black wedding bands, this couple’s special day is a reminder of the beauty of black love.

Keep scrolling to find out how that magical day unfolded and to see some wedding photos of the happy couple. 



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