Forever Lazy: Finally, A Wearable Blanket Even MORE Ridiculous Than The Snuggie (VIDEO)

WATCH: Finally, A Wearable Blanket More Ridiculous Than The Snuggie

As if the Snuggie and its peers the Slanket and the Snazzy Napper weren't enough, we now have yet another wearable blanket option in "Forever Lazy."

As the hilarious commercial suggests, "wrestling with blankets is silly." Yes, yes it is silly, because no one should be wrestling with a blanket. Ever. Still, the makers of Forever Lazy use this fact to justify wearing their product, which is essentially a one-piece fleece blanket with a hood, leg and arm holes, and zippered "hatches" in the front and back "for great escapes when duty calls."

If you can get past the abundance of puns in that last sentence, you'll realize that this item of clothing does not require removal to use the bathroom. So when you "party it up with friends or enjoy some down time with pets" as the ad recommends, you never have to remove it.

Did we mention it comes with footie attachments? Watch the commercial below and learn everything there is to know about this ridiculous product.


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