Forever Marilyn

I don't like to dress for Halloween, but I do love dressing my Chihuahua, Jerry.

Clearly, I'm not alone. The National Retail Federation estimates we humans spend $350 million on Halloween pet costumes. You're welcome.

Each year dog lovers try to outdo themselves, but I embrace a masterpiece of years past and accept that I can't ever outdo Jerry dressed as Marilyn Monroe in that iconic white halter dress.


I think it takes a level of maturity to realize when you've reached your pinnacle, or in this case Jerry's.

Now, I realize there are better costumes out there and I applaud you. But this Halloween, the Garcia family stands for a classic that brings our family great joy and lots of laughs.

I give you Jerry as Marilyn Monroe, followed by Jerry as Marilyn Monroe after a night with JFK.

Happy Halloween all!