Hilarious Husband Pretends To Take Wife's Photos, Records Videos Instead

We've all been there.

 Don't bother saying "cheese" when this dude is taking your photo. 

Florin Mehedinti, a husband and soon-to-be-father who lives in Seattle, Washington, is a pretty darn good prankster. For years, he's been tricking his wife Gracie into thinking he's taking a picture, when really he's recording the pose, he told The Huffington Post. The husband recently released a compilation of these wondrously awkward clips called "The Forever Pose."

For those of us who often forget to switch the camera from video mode, to picture mode, the video is kinda the most relatable thing in the world.  

Mehedinti told The Huffington Post in an email that he started this silly practice about three years ago when he found some failed photos on his camera roll that were videos. While he's subjected many people to the forever pose, his wife became his main focus. 

"She's just such an easy target," Mehedinti, who's compiled a video using the same concept in the past, explained to HuffPost. "She loves photos -- and more specifically me taking photos of her. She does these hilarious poses that are just the best when captured on video."

But the husband says his latest compilation isn't just silly -- it's also sentimental. He explained that he's been able to capture his wife's pregnancy through the "photos." 

While he's pranked his wife time after time, he says somehow people have still trust him to take their pictures. 

"I'm still the friend people ask to take photos," he says. "I guess it might be because I still do take the photo after all, I'm not some cruel monster who only does videos." 

Oh, and don't worry. Mehedinti's managed to stay out of the dog house for these videos. 

"Luckily, she didn't end up killing me for continuing these shenanigans," he joked. 

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