Buys for Whopping $2.45 Million

It's no surprise that companies will pay big money to snag a relevant domain name. In 2011, social enterprise software provider Salesforce bought for $2.6 million. This year, the largest domain purchases used to be and, which each went for a cool $1 million.

But $1 million is nothing compared to the newest purchase made by financial website, which just bought the domain name for $2.45 million. That price tag makes it the most expensive known domain purchase this year, and puts it among the top 30 priciest domain names ever purchased. will provide financial data and tools for novice and semi-professional investors and traders, including quotes, charts, breaking news, tools, calendars, and technical analyses. The goal, says CEO and founder Dror Efrat, is to make the site a "one-stop shop" for active traders and investors. The site is global, with 18 language options available.

The global financial portal will benefit from its short and easy-to-remember domain name, but is seeking to differentiate itself from the likes of Bloomberg and Reuters by offering all content free of charge -- even that which would generally be accessible through premium membership on other sites -- and gearing its tools toward active, semi-professional traders and investors rather than long-term professional traders and large firms. has more than 70 employees in offices throughout the world including Cyprus, Madrid and Tel Aviv . The site's progenitor,, boasted 3.6 million unique users per month, and since being founded in 2007, has become among the top 40 financial sites worldwide.