Forget About Happiness -- Let's Talk About Peace

"I have no money. I have no friends. I have no job. I have no house. I have no spouse. I have no business. I am unhappy."

First ask yourself, "Why does not having these things make me unhappy? And how do I know that having these things will make me happy?"

It's not the "not-having" that makes you unhappy. It's the thought in your head about "not-having" that makes you unhappy.

So, the key is not to add any of those things to your life to make yourself happy, but to silence the "unhappy" thought whenever it arises.

That's what I am going to teach you in this article.

What is "unhappiness" essentially?

Let's first examine what makes you happy.

It may be your status, car, house, partner, family, children, job, money, business, travels, hobbies and so on.

When these things or just one thing is no longer in your life, then you may feel very unhappy.

Or, someone says something to you, you receive a message, the behavior of someone or an event happens that makes you unhappy. Or you just lose some of the things that made you feel good.

States of the "unhappy me":

  • anger
  • anxiety
  • fear
  • panic
  • stress
  • depression
  • frustration
  • sadness

Realizing that you're entering an unhappy state requires a small amount of awareness.

Every state of unhappiness is essentially and merely a thought. And a thought rushes into your mind whenever your conscious attention sinks below a certain threshold. I call this the "thought threshold."

Below the thought threshold you'll find thought and above you'll find peace.

How can you make sure that you always have enough conscious attention so that thought never arises. Or when thought arises, how can you to withdraw enough conscious attention from the thought so that you reach the area of inner peace?

Basically, there are three levels of withdrawing consciousness from your mind:

  1. Experiencing and perceiving the world around your through your senses without interpretation or labeling: breathing, look, taste, touch, smell, hear.
  2. To be aware of your inner aliveness, the sensations and vibrations inside your body. You can do this very easily by being aware of your breathing.
  3. Being conscious of your consciousness. Being aware of your own presence. What does it feel to be you on your essential level, the real you? It has nothing to do with the past and future, only this moment.

If you can sense this, you realize that you are conscious. You realize that your essence is consciousness, not what happened, what you have, what you have achieved or what will happen to you. You're the "Being," not the "Human."

Out of that realization of Being arises the alive peace -- the true source of satisfaction in your life. And there is nothing you needed to add to your life, to experience this. Only realizing who you are on your essential level.

I've just finished my new book, and I want to share a part with you that wraps up this article:


You didn't add these things to you. They have been there inside of you all your life. They are your true nature. You have woken up out of your dream, entered the awakened life and realized that pursuing happiness is a form of madness.

When you no longer have the craving, the desire to add something to your life to make you more of who you think you are, and realize the both unhappiness and happiness are a mind-made illusion, you will enter the awakened life.

Forget about happiness and focus on your alive inner peace.

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When was the last time you entered an "unhappy state" and what triggered it? Was it a word someone spoke to you? A behavior of someone? An event that happened? A loss? Or, a message you received?

Leave a comment below, with your answer. I will reply.


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