Forget About Obama Care... We Need Veteran Care...

God love our Veterans Administration....because that is not the common feeling among Veterans. They are experiencing such a list of issues to get the proper support that it astonishes most people. We have had Veterans die before being provided the proper treatment...really this is the reward for being veteran that sacrificed for the freedom of our Nation. If you are not appalled by the lack of medical support then you are not in tune to the true severity of this topic. Below is a short list of areas that are of most concern to our Veterans:

  • Lack of appropriate types of treatment
  • Long wait to get seen
  • Treating too many situations with drugs
  • Lack of medical understanding of root causes

Misdiagnosing a condition is inexcusable. I was a recipient of this treatment while injured during deployment in 1994 myself. It wasn't till I was within 24 hours of a death that they finally stepped in with a second opinion to get it right. This in the end cost the government way more money to evacuate me out on an emergency flight to a foreign civilian hospital with surgery and many days of recovery. This also takes a huge psychological toll on the individual who goes through the experience.

We have veterans waiting months to over a year for a simple appointment. How does this happen? How do they get shuffled in the process to be put on hold by staff of a Veterans support organization to the point that many give up. They resign themselves to a life of pain and disgust that should never be.

The single biggest statement Veterans I've talked to have stated is, DO NOT PRESCRIBE ME ONE MORE DRUG....They feel that is the Veterans Administrations answer to all their issues. No matter what the Veterans says it still is the end result. This has led to high levels of suicide or Veterans refusing to take the drugs, ultimately leaving the condition untreated.

Our Veterans are experiencing combat challenges that have not been seen before. Multiple tours in various war campaigns are unprecedented. Top that off with no evaluation or treatment in between. The human was not created to be able to cope or handle in any way these experiences. Our medical organizations like to place a label, known label, so that they can treat and move on to the next.

One saving grace for our Veterans has been other Veterans who are standing up Therapy based programs to help them cope with and manage the challenges they now experience. This is what Veterans I've spoken to want and are benefiting from. There has to be a call for action.

I challenge each and every individual to visit a local Veterans Administration and just move around the facility observing the Veterans. If your heart doesn't just snap in two and bleed internally from what you are seeing then you just don't get it. Sit back and watch that young Veteran who has lost his/her leg(s), arm(s) or has scars upon scars, burns so bad you can't imagine how they are still alive....tell me nothing needs to be done, tell me we have time, tell me this is what our Veterans deserve. I was at the Veterans hospital in DC for my personal situation which paled in comparison to some of the Veterans you see just trying to get seen. You can see their spouses standing tall by their side with so much pride for their spouses' service and yet the deepest of disgust for our Nation's lack of support. Wake's time to Wake up!! We owe our Veterans this and more.

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