Forget About Romney: Stacey Dash Masturbates In Front of Her Pug and Smokes Weed Out of an Apple!

Well, not in real life, but Stacey and I just put together a short called STACEY DASH IS NORMAL: The Dip, and in it, you better believe she does what the headline says. The short was partially inspired by the Seth Godin book, The Dip a great read on the subject of figuring out when to quit and when to persevere. (In Hollywood, especially, it's not always easy to distinguish between the two.)

I've been a fan of Stacey's since she was hilarious in Clueless. Since I've gotten to know her, I've learned that she's even more unintentionally hilarious. I can't think of anyone else with her looks at her age (46!) who's able to get a reaction from people so effortlessly. It's fascinating to me. STACEY DASH IS NORMAL is a concept we're exploring in which Stacey plays an over-the-top version of herself. We recently released a teaser trailer, and the plan is to continue to experiment with different ways in which Stacey can butt heads with people, pets, inanimate objects, whatever.

In The Dip, it's Stacey's daughter's 9th birthday, but Stacey wasn't invited to the party put on by her kid's stepmother. Alone at home with her pug mix and a raging libido, Stacey fumbles through a day that keeps getting worse. The Dip is an introduction to the awkward, conflicted world of STACEY DASH IS NORMAL. (FYI: No pugs were harmed during filming, and the weed was actually mint tea.)

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