Forget Feeling Fat, Bloated and Frustrated in Your Clothing. 10 Reasons I Design Clothing So Women Can Feel Freaking Amazing All Day!

1. Designing clothing for me is about enhancing beauty and celebrating women. After 13 years I continue to find a happy balance of comfort, style and confidence when creating new pieces for women. My mission is to support other women while they run busy full lives.

2. Feeling amazing in your clothes is key to living more confidently daily. Over the years I have met women who sacrifice comfort for bunchy awkward fitting clothes that look great. The bunchier the clothing the more likely you are going to feel bothered and distracted throughout the day.


3. Women live full lives and deserve to feel calm, cool and beautiful daily. When choosing items to add to a wardrobe it's important to find stylish great looking clothing. I think it's equally important to pay attention to how it feels on the body.

4. Different body shapes require different types of cuts and styles to look awesome. I have always encouraged women to shop based on what works for their personal style. Trends are fantastic and fun but at the end of the day your clothing should work for you and enhance your natural shape.


5. Forgetting about your outfit is the best feeling in the world. When you get home from a busy day isn't it nice to notice you felt great all day? My mission is to help all women, all sizes forget about the outfit so they can feel inspired and energetic daily. I don't know about you but if I am worried about my skirt riding up, it disrupts my productivity.

6. Forget feeling fat, bloated and frustrated with your clothing. The idea that we must suffer for fashion and style is absurd. We need to find ways to increase our self-esteem, gain confidence and embrace who we are. You can still accomplish these feelings by choosing the right pieces to wear every day.

7. Get more selective and stubborn with your daily wardrobe choices and you will find inner style peace! Throw out the crap, clear the styles that hold you down and make you feel less than awesome.

8. The more you choose happiness and feeling great in your clothes the more comfortable you will be in your skin. Style is a personal choice but so is how you feel. Find ways to weed out the stuff that is no longer serving you. Find styles that enhance your favorite parts of you.

9. Yes, dress to impress when needed. Obviously events, occasions and life require uncomfortable styles. My point is, we need to find things in life that make us feel happy and content, including awesome clothes, as much as possible.

10. Dare to be different, dare to say no to discomfort. Say yes to you. I challenge you to get out of your own way and dress for 7 days in a row in styles that you feel amazing in. Who's with me? Are you ready for a 7-day challenge? You can join the rest of us by signing up here for free.