Forget Mexico, The Walls Are Closing In On Trump

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Poor President Trump. It’s only been a month and, by all accounts, the ship is already sinking. Not just because its captain is steering it right into the path of an oncoming iceberg, which everyone, but him, plainly sees. Trump has a bigger problem on his hands... Russia.

For his loyal “crew,” it’s all-hands-on-deck-time already just to try and keep the facts at bay, thereby preventing this ship of lies from taking on water in the form of that ole party pooper, Truth. And, despite the president’s refusal to see, or acknowledge it, the scandal is being fueled by leaks on all sides of his administration that will ultimately end up doing more damage than the approaching iceberg.

CNN’s report that the FBI refused an administration request to shoot down reports in The Washington Post and The New York Times (i.e., the fake media) that Trump’s campaign staff had on-going contact with Russian officials before and after the election is just the tip of the iceberg.

The FBI created President Trump when it torpedoed Clinton’s campaign with the email letter to Congress 11 days before the election. Of course, Trump and Congressional Republicans had no problem immediately leaking the now widely discredited letter to do maximum damage to Clinton’s campaign. Now it seems odd, not to mention a tad hypocritical, to hear them whine about leaks from their own government.

For its part, the agency now appears to be trying to drive a stake into their Frankenstein monster before they lose credibility, themselves. The fact that the Trump administration reached out to the FBI and other agencies investigating Russia is a sign of pure desperation. It’s also a clear violation of Justice Department protocol. Restrictions have been in place for over a decade barring communications between the White House and the FBI on pending investigations.

Surprise, breaking the law is nothing new for this administration. They do it on an almost daily basis. Be it illegal executive orders or infomercials for a family members’ accessory line. Naturally, Trump’s Chief of Staff Reince Priebus called the latest reports “total garbage.” As if anyone believes anything he, or anyone else in the Trump administration says at this point. Trump and co. have no one to blame but themselves for the fact their camp has less credibility than a Monsanto rep at an organic farmer’s market.

The president’s been caught lying about winning the election by largest margin in history, lying about his inaugural crowds, lying about his popularity, lying that his policies are widely supported and lying that no one cares about his income tax returns. He’s also lied that his business interests are immaterial, that his blind trusts are legit, that his family’s involvement in government business is ethical and that his executive orders are perfectly legal.

How ironic that a whistle-blowing patriot like Edward Snowden languishes in Moscow while our president, a potentially compromised Russian asset, digs himself deeper and deeper on a daily basis with a mountain of lies. Who’s the real traitor here?

All these attempts at misdirection by the Trump administration are due to a host of newly surfaced reports that are getting closer and closer to uncovering what seems to be a brilliantly executed Russian plot to blackmail the president into becoming Vladimir Putin’s houseboy.

U.S. intelligence agencies have already confirmed parts of a retired British intelligence agent’s dossier on Trump’s Russia connection. Among other things, the 35-page report detailed actual collusion between Russian agents and Trump operatives to leak emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.

It still remains to be seen whether tapes actually exist from Trump’s stay at the Moscow Ritz Carlton. The tapes supposedly show Trump watching Russian prostitutes urinating on the bed the Obama’s slept in during a separate visit - an act that would be remarkably easy to believe from a p*ssy-grabbing POTUS. Trump has vehemently denied their existence, as well as ever being in the hotel. Yet, he was undeniably in Moscow in 2013 when the alleged incident took place. He was all over Russian television hosting the Miss Universe pageant.

Odds are, the Russians never expected Trump to become POTUS, but it never hurts to secretly record larger than life international business tycoons in their most private moments. You never know what you’ll end up with. In this case, they hit the jackpot.

Trump hasn’t helped his case by inexplicably cozying up to one of America’s greatest antagonists and refusing to denounce Putin, even after the hacking of the election. It seems way too bizarre, even for Trump, that he would continue to not only downplay the issue, but go out of his way to praise Putin. Unless…. unless the Russians have something on him.

To make matters worse, evidence has also surfaced that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen attempted to broker a deal for peace in Ukraine that would have solidified Putin’s illegal annexation of Crimea. In exchange, the duo reportedly promised Trump would lift sanctions against Russia imposed by President Obama over its Ukrainian incursion. Despite their strong denials, a Ukrainian official has since come forward to confirm the reports. Talk about quid pro quo.

In a CNN interview, Ukrainian lawmaker Andrii Artemenko said he discussed his left-field proposal in January with Cohen, who offered to deliver the plan to the Trump administration and run it by then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The White House has flatly denied any knowledge of the proposal.

If you’re the Russians, your plan is working masterfully.

Meanwhile, Trump’s effort to play down his Russia ties are getting thinner and thinner, especially after the now-disgraced Flynn was caught lying about his talks with Russian operatives to the feds. Even Republican senators are coming forward demanding an investigation, while Democrats in Congress are exploring potential avenues for impeachment. The walls are definitely starting to close in around the Orange One.

If that wasn’t enough, now there’s the report recently published by Democratic Coalition founder Scott Dworkin claiming Trump sent his ex-wife Ivana to Prague to negotiate a deal with The Kremlin to turn over the tapes. If this is true, it would explain why she was at his inauguration after telling everyone how much she hated the man. Was it as easy as buying her off, like everyone else? Or could it simply be a mother’s instinct to protect her children from epic scandal, the likes from which they would never recover.

So many questions remain and, sadly for the Trump administration, become more and more unavoidable with each passing day. The truth is a bitch.

But, what if there is a video tape? What if a rogue CIA operative, or even Larry Flynt, succeeds in bribing a Russian official to turn over the videos before Trump does? You’d be looking at the biggest scandal, not just in politics, but in American history. Bigger than anything even Hollywood can dream up. Huuge.

When the walls of lies begin to crumble, will Trump go quietly, or are we looking at a modern day “Pelican Brief”? How far will the Trump White House go to cover up its illegal actions? Will they start a war? Will Trump ask his buddy Putin for advice on neutralizing a certain pesky individual if he’s deemed a nuisance? If I was Scott Dworkin, I’d quit drinking tea for the foreseeable future. After all we’ve seen, and it’s only been a month, is it that hard to believe a guy like Trump, who has no regard for the truth, or people, wouldn’t stoop as low as Putin, a proven killer, to cling to power?

It’s probably wishful thinking to dream about a day when crooks and liars like Nixon, Bush, Cheney, and now, Trump, see the inside of a supermax, but we might be closer to that day than ever before, as, in spite of all the illegal, immoral, and unfathomably unethical deeds committed by presidents and vice presidents past, none have been formally accused of treason.

Is it possible we may see a day in which Snowden and Trump change positions? The former returned home with a hero’s welcome and the latter sent back to Moscow where he belongs? Or, better yet, prison? Crazier things have happened. Is it also possible he may wind up getting away with it all? Absolutely. After all, anything’s possible in a reality show.

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