HAPPY NEW YEAR! With everyone rushing to make resolutions. Let me offer you a different solution. A WOTY.

WOTY = Word of the Year

A one word theme for how you want your year to feel.

This is less overwhelming than setting specific goals. BUT yet still an effective way to give your year direction. One word can be a motivator and a guiding light to help you make decisions in all types of situations…food, fitness, and beyond.

How To Choose Your WOTY…

How do you want to feel? Pick a WOTY that represents that feeling. Don’t overthink it. Do pick a word that EXCITES you. Don’t judge the word.

IDEAS to get you started…

If you’re flailing around, choose focus. If you’re a self-criticizer, choose compassion. If you want to break free from calorie counting, choose freedom. If you focus only on accomplishment & forgot to enjoy the process, choose pause.

>>> WOTY IDEAS <<<

strong, authentic, thoughtful, grateful, pleasure, expand, courage, confidence, harmony, kindness, flourish, evolve, vulnerable, passion, curious, resilient, powerful, magnetic, ease, brave, rebellious, spirited, boss, connected, grounded, innocent, sunny, chill, legit, passionate, generous, adventure, dreamy, creative, influential, decisive, soulful, golden, electric, ready, limitless, rich, certain, fulfilled, nourished, daring, classy, graceful, badass, fearless, natural, playful, light, flow, high-vibe, organized, peace, gangsta, abundance, love, happy, wild, big, bold, joy, simplify, focus, irresistible, fierce, compassion, thrive, open, fun, forgive, trust, cozy, warrior, vibrant, unstoppable, consistent, aligned, balanced, bliss, freedom, sparkle, present, create, clarity, action, positivity, content, inspired, alive.

Here are my WOTYs…

2016: Simplify

2017: Gangsta (confident+sassy+community)

2018: First-class (quality+ease+valued)

Time to pick your WOTY!

Wishing you a MAGICAL 2018! xx Dawn

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