Forget Your Weight In 2017. Get Fit For Your Life.

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We love to demonize the time we take for ourselves and call it selfish, a luxury and classify it as anything but necessary. I’m here to debunk that misconception and tell you all the reasons you need to make fitness a priority in the New Year. Guess what? Not one of my reasons has to do with your weight or your size.

I’m on a mission in 2017 to re-prioritize fitness for the masses and remind us all that a body in motion stays in motion. Fitness is not for the young, or the thin, or the wealthy. Fitness is for every person on this planet, and it can change the way you live your life for good. Fitness is not a size or ability level. Fitness is a state of mind and a determination to live life to the fullest! Your body wants you to live fit and so should ever single person who loves you.

Here is why:

#1 – It Makes You a Better Parent

I am a mom of four and can assure you I stay busy the entire day, never once making the time to train. I don’t FIND the time…ever – I MAKE the time to train and because I do I’m a better mom. I love my kids, but sometimes they drive me nuts, stress me out when they argue (all kids argue) and they just plain wear me out. By taking an hour for myself to release the stress, focus on my health and well-being, I come home a stronger all around better mom. This applies to not only my physical health but also my mental health. It’s a proven fact that endorphins have the power to change your mood, increase energy, and release stress. What parent does not need the happy drug of endorphins in spades! Exercise also can improve your patience and tolerance – at least for a short time. Keep refilling that cup mom and dad!

#2 – It Makes you a Better Partner

I adore my husband, and he adores me. We are both trainers by trade, and we both love to workout at the gym, but we never do it together. We work together, live together, raise kids together, and we train on our own. Again, my workouts are MY time to focus on my health and sanity and that hour apart to focus on other things is great for our marriage. I come home happier and more satisfied with myself, which pays dividends to our marriage. Fitness is also perfect for our love life. Couples that work out on a regular basis see benefits as greater self-confidence and overall happiness. They also see a rise in their libido and that’s a benefit every couple can get behind!

#3 – It Makes you a Better Employee, Business Owner, or Volunteer

Want greater focus at work?

Want to be more productive?

Want to be more creative, reliable?


Everything I just listed is a fantastic side benefit of living a fit life. Employers can expect to see a substantial increase in productivity and less sick days when their team members live a healthy life. Of course, the same benefits apply regardless of your type of chosen work. More and more employers are making fitness a part of employment because the benefits far outweigh the costs.

#4 – It Makes you a Happier Person

Ever notice how obnoxiously happy fit people are? They are always smiling, laughing, and enjoy life. Guess what; there is a direct correlation between your daily dose of endorphins and your overall happiness. Fitness is scientifically proven to improve your mood and change the serotonin in your brain. The fact that fit people always seem happy is no coincidence – it’s simply science!

#5 – It Makes you a Better Family Member

The family that stays fit together stays together. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but I’ve seen the benefits within our family. When we are active together whether outside or doing a fit activity, we tend to see fewer arguments between the kids and more smiles. For our family, there is a direct correlation between fitness and happiness. Not to mention the memories we create we live fit together.

#6 – You Will Become a More Enlightened Person

There is something so powerful about getting in touch with your inner voice. Few places are better to quiet the noise and hear what your intuition is trying to tell you then the times when you are training. I call it meditation in motion. It has a positive effect of giving you clarity and inner peace. Some of my best ideas have come when I am exercising. That’s a type of meditation even someone who struggles to meditate can focus on!

#7 – You Just May Become Less Angry

Let me tell you about anger. I lost my late husband in a small plane crash at 36 with a one and two-year-old at home. Damn was I angry. I found my training was my anger and stress management system. I would be at my wit's end as a solo mom who was grieving so I’d go for a run, cry, sprint, yell, and scream. I’d go to the gym, lift, take out my aggression on the weight and find a way of peace wash over me as the tears rolled down my face. Life is difficult regardless of what you go through, so exercise is a wonderful outlet for the difficulties life throws your way. Take your anger out on the pavement, the weights, or the water. Whatever form of exercise you chose it can help you process stress, grief and life so much more efficiently.

#8 – You Will Sleep Better

If your life is stressful, you understand how hard it can be to get a good nights rest. The simple act of physical fitness or exercising can significantly improve your sleep patterns. We all know that can pay dividends in every area of life.

#9 – You Will Love Life and Live More

Want to live in the moment?

You want to enjoy the present, get the most out of every day, and enlarge your life goals?

Make fitness is a priority and your love of your personal life just might improve. I found that once I gave up the excuses and started living fit, I truly started living more.

#10 – Your Health Will Improve

It’s inevitable when you train you get healthier – period. Everything from less strain on your joints, increased circulation, improved cardiovascular health, and stronger bones. All these are positive benefits of making physical activity part of your daily routine.

Start training today! Make 2017 your year to live fit for all the right reaons!

Fitness has a way of empowering your entire life. Your goals will expand, your fears will shrink, and you may just start to feel truly alive for the first time. Fitness can make you LIVE and not just EXIST. I like to compare fitness to a fire starter. When you train you set your soul on fire and in turn, you can change your life!

This next year give it a try and make your fitness about being more! It may just change your life for good.

I believe in you!