13 Real-Life Struggles Of Perpetually Forgetful People

We feel your pain.

Everyone forgets things; it's part of being human. Life is busy and there's just not enough mental space to remember every single thing going on in your insane life. So yeah, sometimes you're going to forget to email someone back or you may forget to call back your mom.

But some people are forgetful on a whole different level, and for the most absent-minded of people out there, we have 13 things we can sympathize with you about.

1. The frustration of leaving your third umbrella of the week somewhere.

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2. The overwhelming need to have so many phone reminders that you have to ignore some of them, and now you must resort to this:

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3. That pointless feeling after wasting 30 minutes of your life searching for your keys.

4. And the agony of realizing they were in your car the entire time.

5. The deflated feeling of a ruined morning when you walk out to your car and see this:

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6. The embarrassment of not being able to tell your friend the name of that person who says "Hi" to you every day (because he's your neighbor and you should know this).

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7. The shame of forgetting to call your grandma on her birthday for the fourth year in a row.

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8. The hilarity of having your roommate call your phone so you can find it ... only to discover it was in your hand the whole time.

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9. The sadness that washes over you at work upon realizing you left your meticulously-prepared lunch at home in the fridge.

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10. The panic of coming home to a curling iron that's been on full-heat all day.

11. The anxious feeling of having to cancel plans with someone because you forgot that you already made plans with someone else a few days ago.

12. The total and utter defeat you feel after finally getting a chance to speak in a conversation and forgetting what you were even going to say.

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13. The immense sympathy only you could have when other people forget about you.

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