Forkgate: New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio Caught Eating Pizza With A Fork And Knife (PHOTOS)


Less than 10 days into his first term as mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio has made his first MAJOR flub. Move over, Bridgegate. New York City has a real scandal on its hands: Forkgate.

As we all know, there's only one way to eat a slice of pizza in New York. De Blasio-- a Boston-born Sandinista supporter who honeymooned in Cuba-- must have forgotten. Halfway through defacing the perfectly good slice of 'za, the mayor remembered where he was:

But then forgot again:

Forkgate, alternately known as pizzagate, puts de Blasio in poor company. The unholy duo of Donald Trump and Sarah Palin once dined at a midtown pizzeria, where they too used utensils.

trump palin pizza

On Friday afternoon, de Blasio responded to the growing scandal, blaming his Italian ancestry.

And was sure to give a shout-out to the scene of the crime, Goodfellas Pizza on Staten Island.

It's unclear at this time if the mayor also eats Snickers bars with a knife and fork.

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