Former Anchor Carole Simpson Reveals Racist, Sexist Slurs She Faced During Her Career

Race has always loomed large for the scrappy South Side native [Carole Simpson, who was the first black woman in NBC's DC bureau and later became an ABC anchor]--larger than we knew, in fact, according to her new memoir News Lady. Simpson reveals a slew of race-related battles with ABC News, including her account that she was pushed out the door after a 25-year career.

What's most striking about the book is that some of the most cringe-inducing incidents occurred not just in the early phase of her career, when black women were a rarity in the senior ranks of television news, but years after you would assume that the fried-chicken jokes had stopped. Even if Simpson is enlarging these episodes through the mists of memory, her anger--and sometimes her tears--shows they left an indelible mark.

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