Former Chris Burch Employee: I Was Fired For NOT Being Gay

Only in fashion, people.

A former employee of Chris Burch, Tory's ex and founder of the adorable C. Wonder boutiques, is suing his ex-boss on charges of "discrimination based on sexual orientation."

As the New York Post reports, former employee Jamie Ardigo claims that Burch “only hired gay men because they were productive and he trusted them."

When Ardigo, who is straight, voiced concerns about being discriminated against because of his sexual preference, he was fired. Or at least that's what he argues -- Burch's lawyers, on the other hand, vow to fight the case and "are prepared to mount a vigorous defense," as lawyers are wont to do.

This is clearly not the first fashion lawsuit recently -- from Alexander Wang and American Apparel to Urban Outfitters and Forever 21, we've seen plenty -- but this might be the first not-gay discrimination case we've heard of.

Think Ardigo has a case?