Former Cops Now Try Their Hand at Peddling Pot

A group of former ‘Just Say No’ law enforcement officers is now getting into the public pot business.

The State of New Mexico, where medical marijuana can only be sold by state-approved non-profits, received some surprise applications to a recent request for new medical marijuana providers.

At least three new non-profits established and operated by former high-profile conservative law enforcement leaders have applied.

According to reports by The Santa Fe Reporter and expanded by The New Mexico Political Report,  Darren White, former Bernalillo County Sheriff, former state secretary of public safety and former Republican Congressional candidate, has applied for a permit along with a high-profile defense attorney known for defending drug dealers in state and federal court.  White left his state cabinet position in the 1900’s after a very public spat with and then-Governor Gary Johnson over the Johnson’s stance on legalizing marijuana and other controlled substances.

White later went on to lobby against legalizing medical marijuana in New Mexico. Now, White is on the board of directors for Purlife, a non-profit applying for a state issued license to sell medical marijuana.

The Albuquerque Journal also reports that two other applications were also submitted by White’s former deputies.  David Linthicum,  White’s Chief Deputy, and Scott Baird, a former sheriff’s department captain and Republican candidate for sheriff, both appeared on other applications.

Johnson, who has since run for president as a Libertarian and is currently the president of a medical marijuana company, called White a “hypocrite” for changing his stance.

“Where is the press conference to say, ‘This what I believed yesterday and this is what I believe today?’” Johnson asked.

Jason Bowles, another director for Purlife and a prominent Albuquerque attorney told The New Mexico Political Report that, he personally, thinks medical marijuana can help veterans like himself, and is “all for it. Still, Bowles would not comment on behalf of White.

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