Former High School Football Player Sues San Diego School District

The family believes the coach was negligent in treating their son's head injury.

A family is suing a San Diego school district after they alleged a coach would not take their son out of football despite suffering a concussion. They believe the result of the son staying in the game led to lingering effects from the head injury.

John "Trey" Enloe III was playing for La Jolla High School's junior varsity team when he suffered a concussion in an October 2014 game.

According to ABC News, the lawsuit filed says that Enloe was "suffering from a headache and nausea, and was noticeably rattled, confused and unable to follow simple direction" after getting the concussion while trying to make a tackle.

Harlan Zaback, who is the family's attorney, told the San Diego Union-Tribune that Enloe asked to be taken out of the game, but that the assistant coach told him to "suck it up."

Zaback also told the Union-Tribune, "Enloe suffered traumatic brain injury as a result of the multiple hits and continues to experience problems that have affected his health and educational goals."

A lot of attention has been paid to player safety for high school football recently after four players died in one month following on-field injuries.

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