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Former Inmates Turn Trash Into Treasure At This Sustainable Nonprofit

Saving human resources and environmental ones.

U.S. prisons release nearly 650,000 people each year, and their transition back to freedom can be anything but smooth. Many former inmates end up being rearrested for new crimes, and those who do manage to move forward in the outside world are often ill-prepared to get jobs and keep them.

We partnered with PwC to bring you the story of Refoundry, a nonprofit organization with roots in for-profit enterprise that is helping former inmates reclaim their places as active members of the workforce. Refoundry trains formerly incarcerated people to repurpose discarded materials into home furnishings, fostering self-reliance and entrepreneurship.

PwC believes in creating purposeful enterprises that are benefiting people, communities and society-at-large without sacrificing profit. Learn more by visiting our What’s Working: Purpose + Profit page.

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