Former Iranian MPs in Exile Urge Congress to Approve Iran Nuclear Deal

Honorable Members of the United States Congress,

We, the undersigned, have had the honor of representing Iranian people in various terms of the Majlis (Parliament) and have all been forced to temporarily live in exile due to our opposition to both foreign and domestic policies in Iran. We support democratic pluralism, peaceful relations with all nations and strictly adhere to Non-Proliferation Treaty. We are writing to urge you to approve the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) negotiated by Iran and the group of 5 + 1 nations. For the agreement, in addition to preventing armed conflict and paving the way for resumption of normal trade relations between Iran and Western countries, has the potential to make a significant contribution to the resolution of crises in the Persian Gulf region.

Two decades of unilateral actions undertaken outside the framework of the United Nations in response to security threats in the Middle East have resulted in the spread of war, chaos and terrorism. The unanimous passage of Resolution 2231 by the United Nations Security Council endorsing JCPOA demonstrates intense and widespread international support for the agreement. The near unanimity of international support, both governmental and public opinion, for the initiative has created a new hope across the world that dangerous conflicts among sovereign nations can be resolved through negotiations.

We appeal to you, the honorable representatives of American people, to resist the kind of pressures whose promoters seem to have learned nothing from the tragic events of the past. We urge you to adopt a new approach to security challenges of the Middle East by casting a vote for JCPOA and announce your approval of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231. Such a move will constitute a precedent setting contribution to the resolution of international disputes through dialogue and diplomacy.

The complicated trajectory to democracy, protection of human rights, development and social justice in Iran needs détente in our foreign relations and avoidance of violent crises in the region. We urge you to consider this reality in reviewing the actual and potential implications of JCPOA. The continuation of irrational animosity between Iran and the United States is a disservice to both nations and a major hindrance to the efforts of reform minded and human rights activists in Iran.

Best regards,
Former Members of the Islamic Iranian Parliament

Ahmad Salamatian
Member of the 1st Parliament, Former Deputy Foreign Minister and residing in Paris, France
Hasan Yousefi Eshkevari
Member of the 1st Parliament and residing in Bonne, Germany
Rajabali Mazrooei
Member of the 6th Parliament and residing in Brussels, Belgium
Fatemeh Haghighatjoo
Member of the 6th Parliament and residing in Boston, U.S.A.
Ali-Akbar Mousavi (Khoeini)
Member of the 6th Parliament and residing in Maryland, U.S.A