Former Mexican President Shows Trump How To Avoid Nuclear War In Hilarious Video

Vicente Fox simply wants to prevent him from "ending all life on earth.”

As far as Vicente Fox is concerned, the most heroic thing President Donald Trump could do is quit.

The former Mexican president sat down with comedy site Super Deluxe for a new video, released Wednesday, in which he gave Trump some tips on how to avoid starting a nuclear war.

“I know you don’t want to end the world, but you’re a hot-tempered man, Donald,” Fox says in the video, speaking directly to Trump. “And when it comes to war, it is important to slow down. So I made a list of five questions that I want you to ask yourself before you push the button.”

Fox then outlines each question, poking fun at things like Trump’s deferment from the Vietnam War draft and his low approval rating. He also gave POTUS some tips on hows to avoid war by playing video games like “Call of Duty” with Bill O’Reilly or keeping a treat for himself near the nuclear briefcase.

“Now, I know patience is not your strong suit so I looked up some tips in a book about toddlers,” he continued. “It said when a little kid gets fidgety, sometimes a treat can help. So I suggest you keep a bag of cookies in the nuclear suitcase, and that way, if you ever open it, you find the yummy cookies and maybe you don’t feel like ending all life on earth.”

In Fox’s first video with Super Deluxe, posted June 7, the politician mocked Trump’s Cinco de Mayo bowl tweet and once again says that Mexico will not pay for his “pointless wall of hate.”