Former Teacher Accused Of Stalking Student Via Facebook, Phone, Blog

A Beech Grove, Ind. high school teacher has been charged with felony stalking for pursuing one of her students through electronic means.

Sara Kifer, 26, was a math teacher at Beech Grove High for one year until she was forced to resign as a result of the accusations. She allegedly hacked the Facebook account of Ryan Cloyd, now 19, but a senior in high school at the time of the first encounter.

Cloyd, now in college, said Kifer fell in love with him and created a blog to write about him, saying she's sorry he "had to endure her psycho side," WRTV reports.

Cloyd obtained a No Contact Court Order against Kifer, and subsequently received 47 text messages and 26 phone calls from Kifer in 80 minutes, according to The Indianapolis Star.

She ceased contact after he graduated from high school, but started sending Facebook messages to Cloyd's girlfriend and roommate through his account, The Indianapolis Star reports.

Police also said that Kifer sent the student an email that said, "If ever you and your girlfriend break up and you want to have sex with someone, I would definitely want to."

In another email, police said Kifer proclaimed, "I just know that I love you, and I want you to be happy, and it will never happen if I'm alive."

The fatalistic note set police into action.

Kifer is being held on $7,500 bond, WXIN-TV reports.