Former White House Adviser Reveals 'Meticulous' Way Trump Dictates His Tweets

Cliff Sims says the president is "very cognizant" of his social media impact.

If you suspected there was some strange way President Donald Trump composes his tweets, you would be correct, according to former White House director of message strategy Cliff Sims.

Sims sat down for an interview with Axios reporters Mike Allen and Jonathan Swan for a segment of “Axios on HBO.”

“He’s meticulous with not just the words that he wants to use but the punctuation,” said Sims. “He’ll say, you know, ‘Jonathan Swan at Axios is an awful terrible reporter dash dash capital S capital A capital D exclamation point.’”

Sims left his White House post in May and is now promoting his book, “Team of Vipers,” which comes out in January. The book documents the behind-the-scenes chaos of working in Trump’s administration.

From that year and a half working in the White House, Sims said, he believes the president is “very cognizant” of the impact that his tweets have.

“I have seen him talk about something that he wants to tweet, ultimately tweeting whatever that thing is,” Sims told Axios. “He goes into the private dining room and within about five minutes, he can see this creation ... how it’s playing out on the television.”