Strangers Help Homeless, Single Mother Of 3 Turn Life Around. Now, She's Giving Back

A homeless mother in desperate need had her life dramatically changed by an encounter with generous strangers. Now, she is paying it forward.

Jenedith Fontanez, a 23-year-old single mother of three, has a roof over her head and furniture to fill it, thanks to donations from many caring good Samaritans, Lancaster Online reported. Now, the Pennsylvania resident has decided to give back to others in need by connecting them with some of the kind people who helped her.

When she met Andrew and Cherish Doutrich last month, Fontanez was at a low point. She had a job but couldn't gather enough money to provide for her family and put down a deposit on an apartment. Then, one day she was offered a ride by Cherish. Cherish and her husband went on to buy food for Fontanez and gave her $500, according to Lancaster Online. Fontanez was able to use the money to secure a one-bedroom apartment.

Soon, more people who didn't even know the family heard the story and wanted to help. They began calling and offering to donate furniture and other household goods.

"Thank you all who have called to donate stuff," Fontanez wrote on her Facebook page. "Thank you all for the support it means everything and more! I will look to only pay this forward in every way I can!"

Fontanez was so inspired by the generosity around her that she's decided to help transform the lives of others in situations like hers. She is offering all the excess donated items to others in need, and also starting a program to help struggling single parents, according to a post on her Facebook page. One of the ways she plans to help is by offering daycare while a parent is searching for jobs.

"There are a lot of people out there that just need someone to take that first chance on them," Fontanez told Lancaster Online. "I’ll be fine. Now it’s time to help other people out there."