Here's What The Cast Of 'Forrest Gump' Is Up To 20 Years Later

While hard to believe, it's been 20 years since "Forrest Gump" was released. Before July 6, 1994, we didn't have handy dessert-box metaphors for life, we didn't feel emotionally compelled to urge people to run and we didn't have half as many inspirations for ways to cook shrimp.

Most of the actors from the Oscar-winning film have continued to have successful careers (and even hang out together!), while others have disappeared from the pop culture map. In celebration, here's what the "Forrest Gump" cast is up to now:

Tom Hanks - Forrest Gump
He's Tom Hanks, he hasn't gone anywhere! Keeping busy voicing our favorite animated toy, getting stranded on an island, visiting space, chasing a con artist, going to (many) wars and getting his ship hijaked, Hanks hasn't stopped since he won his second Best Actor Oscar for "Gump." Oh, and he also had time to dance to "This Is How We Do It" dressed as a Rabbi for Justin Bieber. Life is a crazy box of chocolates for this guy.
Robin Wright - Jenny
After playing Jenny, Robin Wright sort of disappeared from the mainstream spotlight as she went on to play various roles in a handful of dramas (remember "Message In a Bottle" and "White Oleander"?). She appeared in a few other memorable films, like "Unbreakable" and "Moneyball," but her real return was with Netflix's "House of Cards." Her role as Claire Underwood earned her an Emmy nomination last year and a Golden Globe win this year.
Gary Sinise - Lieutenant Dan
Gary Sinise has played a lot of parts since "Forrest Gump," but we're always going to remember him best as Lieutenant Dan. After the film, he acted alongside Hanks again in "Apollo 13" and "The Green Mile." He also played Detective Mac Taylor on "CSI: NY" for nine years up until 2013 and most recently voiced the Smithsonian Narrator in "Captain American: Winter Solider."
Sally Field - Mrs. Gump
After "Forrest Gump," Sally Field moved away from movies (with the exception of a few) to play more roles on the small screen. She spent six years guest-starring on "ER," followed by a role on "Brothers & Sisters," before returning to film. Her portrayal of Mary Todd Lincoln earned her an Oscar nomination in 2012, and her next project is Michael Showalter's "Hello, My Name Is Doris," where she plays a woman involved in the "local hipster scene." We can't wait!
Mykelti Williamson - Bubba
Mykelti Williamson is best known as Bubba from "Gump" -- and his character also has a restaurant chain named after him! After the film, he worked on a handful of movies and TV series, including "Heat," "Con Air," NBC's "Boomtown," "CSI: NY" (alongside Sinise in some episodes), and "24." Most recently he played Ellstin Limehouse on "Justified" and is portraying B.B. King in the upcoming film "The Thrill Is On."
Michael Conner Humphreys - Young Forrest
Michael Conner Humphreys made his acting debut as the young Forrest, but decided the profession wasn't for him. He grew up as a normal kid and joined the army in 2005, serving a stint in Iraq. After he got out of the military in 2008, Humphreys gave acting one more shot with indie war movie "Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers," in which he played a solider. It's unknown what he's been up to since.
Hanna Hall - Young Jenny
Hanna Hall also made her acting debut in "Forrest Gump" as the adorable young Jenny. Since she's had parts in "The Virgin Suicides," Rob Zombie's 2007 "Halloween" and an episode of "Criminals Minds."
Haley Joel Osment - Forrest Jr.
Before he saw dead people, the adorable, young Haley Joel Osment made his big-screen debut as Forrest and Jenny's son, Forrest Jr. After his Oscar-nominated role in "The Sixth Sense," Osment went on to play a robotic boy, voice characters in the "Kingdom Hearts" video games and graduate from New York University. Most recently he has starred in the Amazon series "Alpha House" and the "Spoils of Babylon" miniseries. He's also in the upcoming "Entourage" movie.