This Crazy Forest Mirror Illusion Will Transport You To Another World

And back again.

This mirror-illusion video has people doing a double-take.

Entitled “Walk in the Woods,” it’s the creation of Kevin Parry, a stop-motion animator at LAIKA. Be mesmerized as Parry travels through a mirror from one forest to another world, only to return moments later.

Watch the clip and see if you can figure out how he pulled it off:

Walk in the Woods

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How did he do it? Parry won’t give away all of his secrets, but he did offer a brief explanation to the photography website PetaPixel.

“The video is comprised of a single take, duplicated, and I had to make sure my start and end points were fairly lined up when shooting,” Parry said. “There is a bit of digital trickery in that I had to warp the ends of the clips to match, but there’s a hard cut in there (with only a few frames of dissolve). But I didn’t green screen or mask anything.”

The video has picked up more than 100,000 views since it was published on May 11.