Fort Collins Police Investigate After YouTube Video Shows A Police Officer Shoving A Man In Old Town (VIDEO)

On Sunday, a video that shows a Fort Collins police officer shoving a man in Old Town was uploaded to YouTube. The video sparked controversy about the treatment and arrest of the man in the video and has now led to an investigation by the Fort Collins police.

The video shows a man being interviewed by a police officer in Old Town Fort Collins, the details of the conversation are unknown and cannot be heard in the video audio. When suddenly, at around 15 seconds in, the officer suddenly and seemingly without provocation, shoves the man being interviewed shouting, "Step back!"

A second officer then approaches the shoved man and tells him that he's "under arrest." The shoved man repeatedly asks the officers, "For what?" as he is being arrested.

The unknown person holding the video camera can be heard saying, "He shoved him for no reason, you saw that, right? For no reason, he shoved him back."

During the arrest the officer commands the man to, "put your hand on the back of your head" even though it appears as if the man's arms are being held by the officers. The man says to the officers with exasperation in his voice, "I can't!"

One of the officers in question has been identified as Kyle Bendzsa. The names of the man shoved, the person recording the event are as of yet unknown. The YouTube video was uploaded by an account named "Jade Cervantes," however the person recording sounds like a male.

Westword points out that this is not the first time Officer Bendzsa's name has appeared in the news. In 2010, it was reported that Bendzsa "delivered a straight strike" during an arrest of Colorado Eagles player Mario Joly when Joly refused to leave Old Town during a riot.

Sgt. Jon Holsten told The Coloradoan that, "The chief has ordered a review of the video and asked us to get to the bottom of it. We will look carefully at what took place in the video and get a clear picture about what happened."

The police are investigating the actions of the officers, the shoved man and the actions of the bystanders in the video, according to 7News.