Fortune 500 CEOs: Which Universities Did They Get Their Degress From?

Where Did Fortune 500 CEOs Go To College?

If you want to be a Fortune 500 CEO, we have a couple pieces of advice. First, don't be like Scott Thompson, who lost his gig at Yahoo when it was revealed he lied about earning a computer science degree. The second tip is to think about attending one of the 13 schools where most of the Fortune 500 CEOs actually did pick up college degrees.

Harvard University leads the pack, according to U.S. News & World Report's tracking, doling out a total of 64 degrees, a majority of them being MBAs. As a reminder, this doesn't include people like Mark Zuckerburg, who is a Fortune 500 CEO who went to Harvard but not a college graduate.

Stanford University also makes the list, as well as the Universities of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Virginia.

See the list of the top 13 colleges:

Harvard University

Which Schools Gave All These Fortune 500 CEOs A College Degree?

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