Fortune's 40 Under 40 Goes to the Head of the Class

Fortune Magazine's Class of 2014 let everyone know that they were having a kegger at AirBnB HQ, and it was pretty awesome. They were celebrating the 40 Under 40 Issue, and everyone wanted to meet the student body. Some of the freshmen, like Lyndon Rive of Solar City or Tom Farley of the NYSE were there, duh, because your first time in the honors class, it's a big deal. Kat Cole of Cinnabon was one of the new girls, along with Vijaya Gadde of Twitter and Sophia Amoruso of Nastygal -- just the name alone makes her fab.

Ivanka Trump was out on a hall pass, though. Josh Tetrick of Hampton Creek, and Nate Morris of Rubicon Global were kinda Sophomoric... but Jess Lee of Polyvore, Danae Ringelmann of Indiegogo, Bryan Chesky of Airbnb, and Travis Kalanick of Uber are all Juniors because they've been around a couple of times.

Student government rep, Ben Rhodes was there -- he works in the White House, but we're not sure if he was pals with Robert Reffkin of Urban Compass who was a White House Fellow before he founded Urban Compass. We looked around the chemistry classroom for Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos; she's the lab partner who does all the work for you. And Evan Spiegel and Emily White of Snapchat were there; would it be rad if we could have a disappearing yearbook?

There was a cool exchange student from India, Rahul Sharma, of Micromax, who sells 3.5 million phones a month. I wonder if they come with unlimited texting? Exchange student Matteo Renzi didn't make it for some reason; why wouldn't the Prime Minister of Italy want to be seen at a cool party? And some of the seniors were having a cut day: Zuck, Marissa, Jack... maybe those guys think they're too cool for school. But Marc Benioff was there, even though he's graduated he's still awesome, especially the way he gives money to kids' hospitals and stuff.

There was a cray photo booth where you could get your pic taken by the cover photographer, and then you got a frame that said, "Infiniti," like forever. And there was great Honey-I-Shrunk-the -Food: mini grilled cheese, mini hamburgers, mini supersize fries, and mini crab thingies. And an open bar if you had a wristband. (They should give you a different wristband to show you were under 40.) But the best part was knowing you were at a totally kickass party with the coolest kids in the Valley, probably in the Universe. And there wasn't even a curfew.