40-Year Navy Veteran Scammed by #DonTheCon and Trump University

Yesterday, Donald Trump was shamed into giving out money to veterans' groups that he claimed he raised months ago, and cut a check for vets groups, which he also lied about cutting for several months.

His excuse?

"It's called vetting," he said. "We vet the vets."

As in, Trump needed months to pore over research, to ensure that every dollar donated went to a worthy cause.


In just seconds, VoteVets, and many reporters, used Google to find out that one of the groups, the Foundation for American Veterans, had a warning issued to consumers about it, from the Better Business Bureau. And its taxes showed that roughly 75 percent of what it raised had never reached veterans, at all. It also received an F rating from Charity Watch.

Further, the Associated Press found that many of the groups contacted said they never heard from Trump until a Washington Post story broke that discovered that Trump never raised the $6 million he claimed to, and never wrote the $1 million check he claimed to. The report said about half never saw a check until the Post broke the story.

So, he lied. He lied to veterans, and he lied to the American people. He wasn't vetting for four months. He simply didn't raise what he claimed, he didn't write a check he claimed he had, and he thought no one would bother to look into it. Had the Washington Post not investigated, Donald Trump would still be lying today, still scamming veterans out of the money he said he raised for them.

Now, we find out that not only is he scamming veterans' groups, but Trump scammed a 40-year Navy veteran out of $26,000 for Trump's seemingly fraudulent "university."

This vet was a huge fan of Trump. He trusted that Trump wouldn't scam him. He was wrong. God knows how many other veterans Trump preyed on, to bleed them dry of their money.

I can't say it enough - Donald Trump holds veterans in such low regard, and targets us for his scams so much because he has absolutely no respect for what we have sacrificed.

You don't say you "like people who weren't captured" if you respect us. You don't try to kick disabled veterans out from in front of your building, and say they're "downgrading" the area, if you respect us. You don't say avoiding STDs was your "personal Vietnam," if you respect us. And you damned sure don't do that when you got five deferments from Vietnam, so someone else could go and sacrifice, because you were too afraid.

Look out America, for #DonTheCon. A guy who has no problem scamming veterans will have absolutely no qualms about scamming you.