This Guy Is Pretty Sure He Found Fossils From Noah's Flood

Seems legit.

A Texas man says he found fossils from “Noah’s flood," and the director of an anti-science museum that claims evolution is “an old-fashioned theory” is supporting him.

Wayne Propst was helping his aunt out, laying dirt near her home in the town of Tyler when he found snail fossils, he told local news station KYTX. He and his aunt believe the fossils happened during the fabled worldwide flood described in the biblical book of Genesis.

“From Noah’s flood to my front yard, how much better can it get?” Propst said.

Wayne Propst shows the fossils to KYTX.
Wayne Propst shows the fossils to KYTX.

He sent photos to Joe Taylor, director and curator of the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum in Crosbyton, Texas, for analysis. Taylor holds the positions that evolution is not real, that a worldwide flood occurred a few thousand years ago, and that Noah -- the man that the Bible describes as building an ark large enough to save two of every animal species from the floodwaters -- brought dinosaurs on his ark with him.

Taylor told KYTX that Propst’s fossils are indeed from the time of that purported flood.

However, James Sagebiel, the collections manager at the Texas Vertebrate Paleontology Collections, told the Tyler Morning Telegraph that Propst’s fossils are actually millions of years old.

“The rocks there are about 35-40 million years old, and these little turret snails are commonly found in marine rocks of that age,” Sagebiel said. “ “It’s not unusual.”

Millions of years ago, the place where Tyler, Texas, now stands would have been coastline, he added.

Though some researchers believe that the inspiration of the Noah’s ark story was a large-scale flood event in the Middle East, there is no scientific evidence that a flood covering the entire Earth occurred in human history. Plus the logistics of getting two of each animal -- especially dinosaurs, as Taylor believes were present -- on one boat, cared for by only Noah’s family, would be downright impossible.

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