Foster The People's 'Houdini' Gets A Video

Foster the People rose to pop fame with their catchy tune "Pumped Up Kicks." The video for the track featured the trio's live concert footage and general tour antics. Now, the kids are back with a video for their song "Houdini."

The video shows the band performing for a music video when the set fails, crashing and killing all of them. Someone on the production team has the number to a suit-wearing, stout man who, at the snap of his fingers has just the right tricks (heh, Houdini) to make it look like the dead bodies are performing. The walking dead then put on a slick dance number.

The overproduced video screams "a band that went from zero to 100 a little too quickly." It's a far cry from the intimate and adorable video for "Pumped Up Kicks." However, it is pretty in line with the lavish, ladykiller video for "Call It What You Want."

Watch below for Foster the People's "Houdini:"