Baby-Feeding Dad Makes Foul Ball Catch Of The Season

The Cincinnati Reds currently hold the worst record in baseball but they had a surehanded fan to count on.

One fan at a Cincinnati Reds game on Tuesday sure showed a knack for multitasking, evidenced by his almost casual catch of a foul ball while bottle-feeding his baby. (Watch below.)

Jacob Kingsley had to beat another spectator to the ball, but that guy didn’t seem to mind so much. The announcer gushed at Kingsley’s skills.

“Holds the bottle, no spillage, baby in perfect bliss and a souvenir!” the broadcaster enthused.

Kingsley, sitting with his wife Jordan, told Bally Sports Cincinnati that his first thought was to keep their baby Shepherd safe while still attempting the grab.

“Saw the ball pop up and just wanted to keep him happy and so did my best to protect him at the same time,” he said.

“This will be a great memory to share with him,” Kingsley added.

Jordan Kingsley watched the catch in amazement. “Baby’s happy, I’m happy and I’m just impressed,” she said.

Maybe the Reds should consider adding Kingsley to the roster.

The Reds lost to the visiting San Diego Padres, 9-6, dropping Cincinnati’s record to a Major League worst at 3-14.

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