Foul Ball Breaks Reds Reporter's Laptop (VIDEO)

The dangers of sitting in the press box at a Major League Baseball game were on display on Tuesday night when a foul ball ruined a Cincinnati Reds reporter's night.

San Francisco Giants slugger Pablo Sandoval hit a foul ball that traveled right into the Reds press box at Great American Ball Park and struck reporter Mark Sheldon's laptop.

"When the ball was hit, I saw it. And normally when I see a foul ball coming up in the press box the first two things that I do is that I put the screen down and I either wheel away or I try to make the catch," Sheldon said after the unfortunate incident. "In this situation I wheeled away and did not touch the laptop. I forgot to put it down and then wham. It got whacked. I knew almost instantly I was in big trouble. Sure enough the screen was knocked black. All my work was gone."