Foundation to Award Networking Star at Social Event

A New York City business and philanthropic leader will receive the J. Luce Foundation's Global Adviser Award on May 19 at a networking event for established professionals supporting children with cancer in the Steelcase offices on Columbus Circle.


Sloane Marcus, Vice President, and Jeff Buffum, founder, at last fall's Angel Compass Network for Charity event. Photo: Angel Compass Network.

Jeff Buffum, a financial adviser at Northwestern Mutual and founder of Angel Compass Network for Charity, a non-profit organization aiming to provide a social and business network for philanthropic professionals, is being honored for his dedication to bettering humanity.


Last fall, Angel Network raised $15,000 for the Trey Whitfield School of Brooklyn. Photo: Angel Compass Network.

The event, including live music and cocktails, offers established professionals a chance to "Give to Children with Cancer and Expand Your Horizons!" The event will specifically raise money for Sunrise Day Camp, the only summer day camp for kids ages 3 - 16 with cancer and their siblings.


Image courtesy of Sunrise Day Camp.

Sunrise Day Camp is designed to meet the emotional, social, recreational and physical needs of these children while allowing them to enjoy the comforts and safety of their own homes at night. Located on a 300-acre wooded site that borders Nassau and Suffolk counties, services are offered free of charge to all children being treated for cancer on a non-sectarian basis.

Sloane Marcus, Vice President of Angel Compass Network, has been supporting and
raising money for Sunrise Day Camp for ten years. May 19th will be the anniversary
of Sloane's diagnosis of a rare form of cancer at the age of thirteen. Today, as a
cancer survivor, she is an extremely strong person - and passionate about the work
she does for the camp.


Supporters of Angel Compass come together to coordinate large business events that raise money for different charitable causes. Photo: Angel Compass Network.

According to Jeff, "We see angels, whether secular or otherwise, as figures who always want to help others in need. We chose the name 'Angel Compass' because we provide direction for those who want to give back." The organization's Board of Directors democratically vote for which charities will benefit at each event.


For over three decades, the Trey Whitfield School in Brooklyn has offered a nurturing yet vigorous educational environment. Photo: Angel Compass Network.

Ultimately, the goal of the Angel Compass Network is to build a massive online social and business platform that connects its supporters through online profiles and empowers non-profit organizations to host their events on the platform, creating a shared community of philanthropists. Our foundation salutes this important endeavor.

Global Advisers to the J. Luce Foundation are chosen - as are Luce Leaders and Luce Scholars - for their work to better humanity who embody the characteristics of honor, intelligence, benevolence, and integrity.


"We see angels, whether secular or otherwise, as figures who always want to help others in need." - Jeff Boffum. Photo: Angel Compass Network.

The Foundation has benefited from four estate bequests so far, which has helped the organization and our efforts tremendously.

Jeff assists the J. Luce Foundation with building planned giving opportunities and strategies for our supporters. He offers pro bono estate planning for charitable and outright bequests, as well as charitable gift annuities, gifts of life insurance, and charitable remainder trusts. More information on planned giving may be found here.


The Angel Compass Network is made up of established professional with a passion for people. Photo: Angel Compass Network.

The Angel Compass Network combines the joy of giving back with the opportunity to establish quality business relationships with the other guests. Most of its attendees are established professionals or business owners in the real estate, technology, finance, and legal fields.

The May 19 event, to include live music and cocktails, will offer busy
professionals a chance to "Give to Children with Cancer and Expand
Their Horizons!" Photo: Angel Compass Network.

The Angel Compass Network website states:

By attending one of our charity fundraising events, you are immediately welcomed into the Angel Compass Network. Business professionals can find contacts at our events to build their network, generate more business, sponsor events, advertise and blog using a tiered membership structure. The more you give to the network, the more you have the opportunity to build your business, creating a mutually beneficial system. All membership dues and event admission fees will be funneled to charity so we can collectively make a bigger difference.

Last fall, Angel Network raised $15,000 for the Trey Whitfield School at the Voce Di studio in Soho. For over three decades, the Trey Whitfield School in Brooklyn has offered a nurturing yet vigorous educational environment. Despite being in one of the highest crime areas of the city in East New York, this school was recently ranked as one of the top twenty private and charter schools in the nation.


Steelcase, on Columbus Circle, has been a tremendous supporter the Angel Network.
Photo: Angel Compass Network.

Last spring, the Angel Network kickoff raised over $3,000 for the Winthrop University Cancer Center for Kids (CCFK), the largest outpatient facility for treating children with cancer and blood disorders.

Board members of the Angel Compass Network include Jeff Buffum, Sloane Marcus, Paul Becht, Paul Gruber, Reale Rose, Kevin McQuade, Greg Knight, Roger Schlegel, Becky Flig, Jared Rubin, James Milleew, Dilip Pidikiti, Michael Nolan, Jonathan Luce, and Rachelle Motter.


The events merge fun with philanthropy for established professionals.
Photo: Angel Compass Network.

According to Jeff, "We're expecting a great turnout. With a rooftop venue, 100-150 people, quality contacts, live entertainment, an art showing, raffle prizes, silent auction vacation packages, food, wine, beer - it should be lots of fun!"

Registration for the upcoming event may be done online here.

Whether focused on financial advise with Northwestern Mutual or pushing his Angel Compass Network, Jeff Buffum is a true global citizen and networking star who cares deeply for children. I look forward to being at the upcoming event and presenting Jeff with our foundation's Global Adviser Award. If you are an established professional with a passion for people, join us!


Angel Compass Network for Charity - a 501(c)3 organization
245 Park Avenue, Suite 1800, New York, N.Y. 10167 | Facebook

Sunrise Day Camp

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