Founder of Daily Dose Tim Karsliyev: Creating. Cultivating. Capturing.

There's a new accelerated wave of how Entrepreneurs are captivating their target audience powerfully; and Tim Karsliyev is on the global forefront leading that culture. Daily Dose, with only two years since its infancy, is the most authoritative social media source. However, beyond its formidable prestige, there lies an influential message that reaches millions.

Tim envisioned a platform where he could successfully speak directly into the hearts of people that were in desperate need of motivation, inspiration, and value. Thus, Daily Dose Media was breathed into existence. Any Entrepreneur understands that one must, with tremendous conviction, fiercely love what it is that they do. A man's passion for a vision has an ability to move beyond themselves, beyond their limitations, and beyond their shortcomings. Tim's deep passion, backed with massive execution, allowed him to produce a space where millions could relate. He found that special ingredient to sprinkle on all his business recipes:

"The secret to living, is giving. Life should not be about 'me,' it should about making a better 'we.'"

The most identifiable success is marked by what a person can contribute to the world. When you position yourself to make a lasting impact on people the way Tim has; caring about others brings forth a deeper meaning in your business. When you genuinely care, you are enterprising towards the bigger picture. In short, Tim found a way to monetize through motivation.

We sat down exclusively to discuss how he has flourishingly branded his business and how following his gut instinct helped him create a captured culture.

Q: What's the key component that you feel has contributed towards Daily Dose's success?
A: There's a number of things. For me, I think it's because I'm heavily aligned with my vision in business. Without it, I would have set myself up for failure. Daily Dose is beyond a brand, but about building others up. Aside from the vision itself, I aggressively study market trends which allows me to constantly be pivoting. I don't shift - I pivot. When you learn how to pivot, you don't get stuck and you don't hit a wall. You are constantly moving with the varying tides of business. This strategy prolongs your success in that specific area. Through pivoting, it becomes a fun journey of learning. I always stay ahead of the curve. That has really attributed to much of my success.

Q: You talk greatly about market trends and the marketplace. Take it a step further and speak to us about how you have built a global business.

A: I'm involved with a number of global partners in my varying ventures. It's vital to leverage your resources. If you look through my entire phone list of contacts, it's mostly filled with multi-millionaires. Having direct access to them and leveraging their knowledge has helped me cultivate Daily Dose. We are constantly supporting one another's projects and trading success tips.

Q: We're stepping into this advanced world where people are understanding that creating heart-centered businesses is the long-term strategy. What message do you have for Emerging Entrepreneurs that want to emulate in your footsteps?
A: People have to create an environment and culture they envision and love. However, they must understand that becoming a millionaire isn't an income; it's an outcome. Let me explain. Being a millionaire is an outcome of the things you have successfully done. It comes back down to connecting to the right people. It all stems with the aspect of giving. The act of giving is not always defined in the financial aspect. At the end of the day, your network isn't who you know, it's who knows you and how they know you. The more people that know you, the greater impact you can make towards the masses.

Some people wait to be prompted to change their thinking or methods, but innovative Entrepreneurs like Tim Karsliyev continually prompts themselves to visualize new heart-centered possibilities. Ultimately, it comes down to when people know your heart in business, it creates a different environment. This might mean stirring things up around long-standing beliefs and norms, but that's what precisely what will always make Tim stand apart from the crowd. He creates a space that doesn't just focus on today, but the impact it will make tomorrow.

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