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9 Reasons Why Four-Poster Beds Aren't Just For Bed-And-Breakfasts (PHOTOS)


Four-poster beds are classic pieces that have been around for centuries. (They've probably been traced back to whatever the Medieval equivalent of a bed-and-breakfast was back then.) Their height and large scale make for an attention-grabbing alternative to ordinary beds, while also creating a dramatic focal point in any bedroom.

The one problem: These beds always have had a bit of a "grandma" vibe to them. But our friends at Lonny will change your mind about that right now, with this compilation of decor ideas designed to take the fuss out of the four-poster.

This bed grounds this pretty pastel space.
four poster bed

Check out this ornately carved bed.
four poster bed

Nothing is more romantic than white gauzy drapery.
four poster beds

A white-on-white room is completely serene.
four poster bed

A traditional, but lovely example of a four-poster bed.
four poster beds

Two twin models are adorable.
four poster beds

A coat of bright red paint puts a fresh spin on the classic design.
four poster bed

This tree branch design makes you feel like you're sleeping outdoors.
four poster beds

The classic bed works with the bohemian vibe of this bedroom.
four poster beds

Are these beds to tame for you? Click through the slideshow below of some extreme examples.

Feel Seating System

10 Extreme Beds

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