Now You Can Customize Your Bed At Four Seasons Hotels

Now You Can Customize Your Bed At Four Seasons Hotels

Ever flopped into a hotel bed, ready to curl up under the warm sheets and find that the mattress was stiff as a board? Or rested your tired head onto a pillow and found no support? The Four Seasons aims to change all that with its new customizable sleep experience.

Guests will soon be able to choose between three mattress toppers, depending on their choice of firmness, as well as different pillows and bedside amenities (92% of guests who responded in a poll said that they had a preference on the firmness of the bed) when they visit spots throughout the U.S.

A few properties around the country already offer the bed, but it will roll out to many of the chain's hotels by the end of 2014 (properties in Santa Barbara and Jackson Hole will be among the first).

So next time you're high-rolling and staying at a Four Seasons, feel free to do this:

Before You Go

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