Four Signs You May Be an Empath-Warrior

Four Signs You May Be an Empath-Warrior
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Most likely you have heard about "Empaths" lately. Empaths are people who are highly sensitive towards other people's emotions and energies they are sending out. Empaths often have the special gift of observation and connection. However, not many are aware that they are highly intuitive. All they are aware of are the consequences: feeling exhausted for no reason, other's draining your energy, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated on a regular basis, often feeling anxious, even depressed. Being an Empath in today's world is no easy task because we are being bombarded with toxins, other people's stuff through personal interaction or all media channels.

Most Empath identify themselves as introverts, meaning, they can't be present in big crowds for very long and prefer their couch behind locked doors.

Then, there are the warriors. Warrior-type personalities are often seen as always present, fearless, bold, courageous and strong. Many run on a mission with a very powerful message to change the world, literally. Warriors have a sense of justice and like to "fight" on the front with whoever is willing to follow their lead. They can often be experienced as forceful, potentially even less compassionate.

Now, what does it mean to be an Empath-Warrior?

You might have the understanding that you are an all-through introvert yet you have this extreme urge on your heart to create something much bigger and that you have a message that needs to be shared with thousands of people. You just don't know how because, well, you are an introvert and crowds freak you out. Not every Empath is a Warrior and not every Warrior is an Empath. But when you know you have both inside of you, you know you are called for something life-changing and amazing.

Here are four of, what I believe, the most significant traits that identify an Empath-Warrior. Obviously the journey of discovering your Empath-Warrior goes much deeper but this will help you to develop a better understanding.

1.You can be caught day-dreaming often

As an Empath-Warrior you are courageous and you possess a unique strength, as for example the gift of prophecy, feeling deeply with others, being a visionary. But because of your need to protect yourself, you feel safer dreaming about your heroic speeches, saving other people's lives and standing up to be the voice to those who can't be a voice for themselves. Your dreams often feel very real and not just like a dream at all. Yet, when you wake up, you are sitting in a place that helps you to feel safe, cuddled up with your pet or a blanket and a book.

2.You Have a Big Visions

As an Empath-Warrior you think in big dimensions way more often than in small details. You may still be focused on detailed work, and you love everything organized because it keeps your mind sane, however when it comes to your overall life, you tend to see the big picture of it all. You are able to go beyond borders. You emotionally suffer with people from all over the world and therefore feel as your message speaks to them all. Because of your big vision, you get upset about all the injustice. You understand subconsciously how everything is connected. You may also get frustrated faster, especially, when others don't get and understand your vision and don't respond as you had intended.

3.You dependent on Encouragement

Empath-Warriors often struggle with the in-between. Your heart is bursting to change the world, to bring justice to a society that seems to have forgotten what it means to feel compassionate and loving towards each other. Your inner introvert and your hearts extrovert wrestle constantly about who wins each and every day. Empath-Warriors need more encouragement and acknowledgement than most people do. This need continues even if you have created lots of self-awareness already. Acknowledgement keeps us thriving and reminds us of our bigger vision.

4.You struggle tremendously with self-care

You tend to go back and forth on knowing that you need to take care of your own well-being and the experience of self-care as something selfish. The introvert inside of you, senses your needs but the extrovert who carries that bigger, world-changing message, keeps telling you that there is no time for it. You have a responsibility you can't ignore by focusing on your self-care. Sometimes you may feel as if others watch you and if you implement self-care, you are neglecting your bigger calling. BUT, you are an introvert, so why would that matter, right? That struggle is real and can lead to feeling restless and anxious.

Overall, an Empath-Warrior is a fearless catalyst of the shift in how you and others experience consciousness and live in general. You run and fight bravely with compassion and understanding. You remind others about how to feel, love and be all that is possible again.
However, if you are not fully in tune with your gifts, created a deep awareness about yourself and know how to function as a Empath-Warrior, you often suffer from self-doubt, insecurities, judgments towards others and yourself, people-pleasing habits, extreme frustration, not knowing what motivates you, feeling disconnected and alone and feeling as you can't ask others for help because you are always supposed to be "on".

Life is a journey and your journey will expand by understanding what it means to be an Empath, how to use your skills and gifts for a greater good, how to stay motivated and to understand your needs and most importantly, how to protect yourself energetically to eventually embrace your role as warrior.

Awaken the Empath-Warrior in you! The time is now!

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