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4 Different Ways To Make Spaghetti

01/26/2012 03:38pm ET | Updated August 31, 2012

For many people, spaghetti is the answer to a satisfying meal on a busy weeknight or a family-filled weekend. There's something so comforting about a thick tomato sauce enveloping a plate of pasta. But then there's the option of making meatballs or meat sauce. We've got recipes for everyone's preferences When you're in a rush, meat sauce makes more sense. But when you've got the time on the weekend, it's all about meatballs. And why not get everyone involved in making them?

For the spaghetti lover, we've got four recipes to choose from -- each one is a take on the classic. One recipe is a quick yet classic meat sauce. Another is a truly classic recipe but with gigantic results. Then there's a shortcut version made with pre-seasoned sausage instead of ground meat. And for the health conscious, we have a recipe that's lean but no less flavorful than what you'd expect. Find your favorite version and get cooking!

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