Four Ways To Wake Up Your Work Wardrobe

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Do you ever feel like you are in a bit of a rut when it comes to getting dressed for work? Sure it's great to have a uniform that's fast and reliable.

There comes a time when you need to give yourself something new to wear too. It can really up your game!

Here are four surefire pick-me-ups to wear right now:

Fall into line:
If you find yourself standing in front of your closet looking at a sea of solid-colored basics, there is no better way to add a little oomph than to introduce some patterns. This season many designers chose fabrics with linear designs, such as windowpane plaids and checks, which are perfect for the workplace.

Show your true colors: Nothing conveys confidence like a pop of bright color. Don't be shy! One piece can be enough, but if you're feeling brazen, pair two (one clothing item, one accessory) with a neutral base. We particularly love vivid trousers worn with a turtleneck sweater or tailored jacket.

Don a bomber: Instead of a blazer, try wearing a bomber jacket for instant cool. Be sure to choose one that isn't too casual. Finer fabrics such as satin, leather and wool offset the sportiness of the shape, which pairs well with a pencil skirt, a skinny pant or wide-leg trouser.

Scarf it up: One of the easiest ways to transform an everyday work outfit of solid colors is to add a patterned scarf. Oblong ones are simple to style. Just wrap once or twice around your neck and let the ends hang. Or go with a loop, which does the draping for you. Easy breezy.

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