Four-Year-Old Brings 9 Bags Of Marijuana To School (VIDEO)

An investigation in continuing after a 4-year-old special needs student at Hanover Elementary School in Connecticut brought nine bags of marijuana to school on Tuesday and offered it to his classmates during snack time, CBS New York reports.

However, according to a Patch report, school officials say the incident happened differently, saying the drugs fell out of the boy's jacket when he reached in his pocket for a snack.

School Superintendent Mark D. Benigni told the station the investigation centers around the wellbeing of the 4-year-old.

"Our concern is for the 4-year-old student, who had no knowledge of what he was bringing to school," Benigni told CBS New York.

According to a report by the Meriden Record-Journal, police plan to seek an arrest warrant for the boy's mother and pursue charges of risk of injury to a child, possession of a controlled substance, and intent to sell.

Detective Lt. Mark Walerysiak told the paper that authorities don't want to rush the investigation.

"They wanted to make sure they knew where the marijuana came from," Walerysiak told the paper. "You don't want to rush and put a case that may have holes in it through the courts. Sometimes it's smarter to step back and do a little more digging before making an arrest. That's true of any case, not just this one."

NBC Connecticut reports the teacher called the police after seeing the student produce the drugs, and that the bags of pot appeared to be wrapped in preparation for sale.

WATCH: Meriden School Superintendent Mark D. Benigni holds press conference following incident:

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