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Four-Year-Old Drummer Tyler Clemons, Potential Child Prodigy, Adorably Bangs On His Instrument (VIDEO)

Like most 4-year-olds, little Tyler Clemons enjoys banging on objects around the home. So what separates him from the rest of his destruction-prone peers? The answer: a pair of drum sticks and the label "child prodigy."

In a video posted by Louisiana news outlet KPLC, Clemons is shown in quite possibly the cutest ensemble a toddler has ever worn, grinning as his mother describes him as a prodigious drummer. "He just wouldn't stop banging on things. All day, everyday," she says.

Clemons waves his arms in the general vicinity of his instrument and attempts to strike a high hat without falling off his stool. But did we mention his amazing outfit? The 4-year-old is rocking a bow tie and an argyle sweater vest like a professional. When he mistakenly tells the camera he wants to be a "magician" instead of a musician when he grows up, and then slaps about three measures of drumming together, we can't help but want to pinch his cheeks.

Now we're just waiting for some actual footage of Clemons playing the drums so we can substantiate his mother's claims of his greatness. Because if this kid's musical abilities are anywhere near as fantastic as his colorful get-up, we're rooting for him. (Who cares if he can only name two components of a drum set?)

Check out more instances of child prodigies in the slideshow below, and let us know what you think about the tendency to label child musicians as "prodigies" in the comments. For more child drummers, check out Igor Falecki's 2006 viral video here.

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