See Foursquare's New TSA-Inspired 'Baggage Handler' Badge (PICTURE)

Foursquare's Cheeky New Badge Pokes Fun At TSA Pat-Downs

Foursquare's new badge will reward anyone who has their "baggage handled" by the TSA.

The check-in service's cheeky response to TSA's increased airport security measures will let anyone score a "Baggage Handler" badge by checking in at an airport in the next few days and including something like, "TSA," "grope" or "Don't touch my junk, bro!" in a shout. Once unlocked, the badge reads, "Looks like you've had your baggage handled. Happy Holidays and have a safe flight!"

The new badge follows on the heels of widespread outrage over new TSA policies that will require either a full-body scan or patdown at check-ins, with November 24th declared as "National Opt-Out Day," to encourage people to decline the scan. Fellow check-in service Loopt is offering ten users who opt out a free iPod Touches for those who check-in with Loopt and tweet the hashtag #touchedbyTSA.

Check out Foursquare's "Baggage Handler" badge below, then see our comprehensive guide to Foursquare badges.

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